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Shouse Homes Combine Workshop / Storage Space with Living Quarters

Say hello to the Shouse - a perfect combination of living space and storage/workspace. Wick Buildings post-frame construction uses clear-span trusses that provide wide open space and high ceilings -- perfect for equipment storage and workspace.

What is a pole barn home, or a “shouse”?

Shouse definition: A shouse is a personal workshop and/or storage connected to a house or living quarters. The house/living quarters can be a primary residence or a part-time residence (weekends, vacation property) and often located on land utilized for hunting, fishing or other recreational purposes.

Benefits of a shouse house

The shouse house is perfect if you’ve got big toys and tools, and don’t want the hassle of separate living quarters. The combination could potentially save you tax dollars as you consolidate your structures.

The shouse can be a single wing structure...

single wing shouse

or a multi-wing structure.

multi wing shouse

Clear span trusses provide flexibility in the interior design for location of walls - there are no load bearing walls unless an interior deck is created (loft or second story interior living space).

shouse inside view

You get more storage space than you know what to do with (although we’re sure you’ll think of something!)

shouse boat storage

And it can include beautiful living quarters that feel like home.

shouse home

Pole barn home plans: Start with quality design and engineering

Shouse house plans are different than a conventional house or even a pole barn. Not only do they need to meet local residential building codes, but they must also account for snow and wind loads, egress, lighting and venting, energy efficiency, plumbing and sewers, HVAC and more.

It’s sophisticated planning and design, and it needs to be done right from the get-go. Wick Buildings quality approach emphasizes design and engineering to help you develop the right shouse plans that will fit your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

Pole barn home Ideas: What will your shouse shed house look like?

Check out photos of shouses built by Wick Buildings to spark your imagination!

shouse amazing interiors

Amazing interiors

shouse beautiful porch overhang

Beautiful porch overhang

shouse mancave

Great mancave potential!

shouse vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings

shouse spacious bedrooms

Spacious bedrooms

shouse stylish interiors

Stylish interiors

shouse beautiful kitchens

Beautiful kitchens

shouse open floor plans

Open floor plans

What does a shouse house cost?

There are many considerations that factor into construction of shouse. These can include:

  • Functionality: What are the scope of uses, and how much square footage will each require?
  • Building Codes, homeowners associations, and restrictions: All of these can affect construction and ongoing costs.
  • Property: The physical location of the shouse can impact utilities, landscaping and more.
  • Features: Prices will vary based on what you choose. Top of the line kitchen? Extensive storage space?

These variables are all considered by our team of designers and engineers as we work to develop a design that matches your needs and budget.

We're Shouse Builders and We're Ready to Help You Start Building Your Shouse!

If you’re ready to look at building options, Wick Buildings can work with you on the concept and provide a no-cost estimate. Just click below to find a builder in your area!

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