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Pole Barns: The Art (and Science) of Designing and Building Quality Pole Buildings

No matter what type of pole barn you’re looking for, quality should be your top priority. Your pole building has to meet your needs in terms of storage and aesthetics, but it also has to be built to withstand weather and general wear and tear.

We design, build and work with builders of pole barn buildings for commercial, agricultural, suburban and equestrian use. Within those categories, you’ll find all types of buildings, including:

  • Pole barn homes
  • Pole barn garages
  • Pole barn cabins
  • Pole barn sheds

What is a Pole Barn?

The question may also be phrased as "What is a pole building" or "post-frame building," as pole barns have been referred to in a variety of different ways, including polebarn -- even misspelled terms such as pull barn, and poll barns.

Our pole barn definition: A building where laminated (multi-ply) wood columns are the main vertical framing element and are connected with wood sidewall girts. The roof framing system includes wood trusses connected with wood purlins, which is a unique system specific to pole barns, or post-frame buildings.

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What is the average cost of a pole barn?

Pole building prices vary based on the quality of your construction

Your pole barn cost will vary widely depending on the complexity of the design, and the quality of the materials and labor. The cost to build a pole barn should be determined early in the design process, as you work closely with the designer, engineer or architect to specify the scope of your project.

Our goal is never to build “cheap pole barns.” However we will work with you to scale the project to the size of your budget. If the cost of building a pole barn far exceeds your price range, we can work on the design and options included to reduce the pole barn price to fit your needs.

Using cheaper materials to cut costs on your pole barn will simply add to on-going maintenance expenses and frustration.

Pole Barn Cost Estimator:

Use this simple formula for a starting point with your Pole Buildings Prices (you’ll have to check with a pole barn builder with the pole barn cost per square foot):

Pole Barn Cost Per Square Foot X Square Feet + Any Unique Options / Features.

Also, don’t forget to add in costs for excavation/fill, concrete, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Looking to Save on Pole Barn Construction? Here's How:

Eight Nifty Tricks to Save Money When Building a Pole Barn

Pole Barn Designs: Quality Starts Here

Our ability to infuse quality into every structure begins with a pole barn design. From the floor plan to the framing, every pole building design involves Wick Buildings' engineering and builders, working hand-in-hand to meet your needs.

It starts by brainstorming pole barn design ideas with you. What are your goals? What type of insulation options do you want? What kind of access and ventilation options would you like? Do you have any storage needs? Preference on the roof design? We ask all these questions and more.

From the idea stage, we then move to our pole barn design software to create the blueprint for our builders. Every design is reviewed by our team before construction is allowed to proceed.

Design Your Pole Barn - in 3D!

Pole Barn Construction: How Our Construction Techniques Measure Up

Building a pole barn requires not only an exceptional design, but quality construction to ensure the plan is executed.

We choose our partner builders carefully, ensuring they adhere to our specified pole barn construction techniques. From the pole barn foundation to the insulation, we make sure the standards of our partner builders are the best in the industry.

Read This Post for More Details on Quality Pole Barn Construction Techniques:

14 Tips on How to Build a Pole Barn

What Are the Parts of a Quality Pole Barn?

A quality building is the sum total of its parts. Here are a series of posts on how to ensure quality in your pole barn:

Naturally, there is much more a pole barn that just these parts, but they serve as an example of how we take a quality approach throughout the process.

Pole Barns Provide Maximum Flexibility

Take a look at the different ways you can structure pole barns. It’s an ideal framework for a variety of uses.

Pole Barn Garage

Pole Barn Garage

Pole Barn Garage 2

Pole Barn House

Pole Barn House

Pole Barn House Interior

Pole Barn House Interior

Pole Shed

Pole Shed

Wick Buildings Pole Barn Builders

If you want a quality post-frame structure, you need the right builders at the end of the design process. Our pole barn contractors are local builders who Wick has chosen because they have the ideal combination of quality, service and value.

Take a look at our Checklist for Finding a Builder:

What to Look for When Choosing a Quality Pole Barn Builder


Wick buildings has pole building contractors in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin

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