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Horse barns

Horse barn builders providing premium facility planning and construction

Wick Buildings provides a full range of building services for horse barns, from the largest horse arena to small horse stables to run-in sheds.

Wick Buildings is a leader in equestrian facility planning and construction. Your Wick Buildings horse barn will accommodate and incorporate the latest technology for horse and human comfort and convenience.

Caryn Vesperman with Tanqueray Caryn Vesperman with Tanqueray

"We were looking for durability, aesthetics and a reasonable price. Wick Buildings delivered."

- Caryn Vesperman, Touchstone Farms


Why do people choose a post-frame structure over metal horse barns?

A post-frame horse barn includes a series of anchored, vertical posts tied together by girts, trusses and purlins - you can read more about post-frame structural elements here (link to a blog post explaining these here). It’s a wooden framework that allows for high ceilings, wide openings/doors in the walls, and open interior spaces without supporting columns. Some of the advantages over metal horse barns include:

  • Less expensive: Wood is less expensive than steel.
  • More aesthetic appeal: Steel framework does not allow for different types of siding or roofing materials.
  • Easier to insulate: Steel frames transfer cold from the exterior to the interior in winter, and transfers heat in the summer.

Equestrian Barn Options

Custom horse barns

Custom horse barns 110

Planning on some second story living quarters? Want to incorporate a viewing room into that arena? Would you like power-vented cupolas that bring in fresh air based on temperatures or humidity levels? Our custom barns for horses will meet all your needs.

Large indoor riding arena Large indoor riding arena Large indoor riding arena Mid-sized indoor riding arena

Indoor Riding Arenas & Training Facilities

Wick Buildings specializes in wide clear-spans up to 100 feet--ideal for large equestrian riding arenas and training facilities. Wick also can incorporate into the design great features such as lounges, viewing rooms and club-houses with laundry and kitchens.

Horse barn stalls

Stables / Barn Stall

Wick designs stables and stall barns with the comfort of both the horse and owner in mind. Options such as living quarters, stalls from Wick, Classic or other suppliers, tack rooms and wash stalls are often incorporated into efficient and comfortable buildings.

Horse run-in shed

Horse Run-in Sheds

When your horse is turned out on pasture, an affordable Run-in Shed provides comfort-enhancing shelter from rain, snow and wind, plus shade from the sun in summer. Wick Buildings has several standard sizes and designs to choose from or you can design your own based on your specific needs.

Small horse barn

Small horse barns

Smaller horse barns are for people that have 2-4 horses and not a lot of property. They are perfect when you just want stalls and not an integrated indoor riding facility. Typically small horse barns include:

  • 2-4 stalls
  • Wash stall or area
  • Storage space for feed/bedding
  • Tack room or area (place to stow your riding gear)

The actual size of a small horse barn depends on number of horses you have and how you want to care for them. You may choose to have a large run-in or overhang area that provides sun/weather protection too.

Horse barn with living quarters

Horse barns with living quarters

Many horse owners look for a horse barn with living quarters, in which a structure is attached to an arena or stable that has home-type rooms. The types of living quarters will be largely be dependent on the building code, but we can build all the features of a classic home, including a living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Horse barn doors and windows

Horse barn doors and windows

Horse barns access doors typically run from 10 to 14 feet in height, though could be higher if also used for equipment access. Doors may be 8’ wide and wider split sliders and could be as much as 16’ in width. There are also smaller Dutch Doors used for exterior access to individual stalls. The type of horse barn doors you choose depends primarily on its function.

Interior arena access doors: These are typically large slide doors, but may also be overhead doors that slide up to the ceiling due to space constraints.
Exterior arena access doors: These are typically large slide doors on the exterior of the building.
Interior stall doors: These are integrated into the stall design. The stall supplier may have several hardware options to choose from.
Exterior stall doors: These are usually Dutch Doors, and often split so that the upper part to provides ventilation to for the barn. Some include grates and some are open.
Dutch Windows: When there is not a Dutch Door, barms often incorporate windows into each stall to provide ventilation. Like the doors, some include grates and some are open.

Stalls - can be 10 x 12, or 12 x12.

Horse stall

Wide Range of Horse Stalls

The number of stalls you choose is based on your needs and space limitations. Stalls sizes are typically 10’ x 12’, or 12’ x 12’. Configurations include:

2-stall horse barn
3-stall horse barn
4-stall horse barn
6-stall horse barn

Luxury horse barn

Luxury horse barns

Luxury horse barns can include include a wide range of features, such as:

  • Observation room/lounge
  • Utility room
  • Tack room
  • Wash room/stall
  • Cross tie areas
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Offices
  • Bathroom with shower

Multiple options to choose from

You can choose from a wide range of horse barn features, including:

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Windows
  • Cupolas
  • Decorative or functional dormers
  • Overhangs and open leans
  • Porches and gable entry

Speak with a horse barn builder

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